Four Potential Bailout Plays

Now that the bailout's a done deal, some stocks might see rebounds.
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By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Glen Bradford

Henry Paulson might as well be Howie Mandel from the the TV game show

Deal or No Deal

. The show's banker in this case would be the American public, and Paulson's family and friends would include President George Bush and Ben Bernanke. The

Dow Jones

would be reflecting the expected value of the bailout, including its probabilistic intrinsic value and emotional haywire.

Granted, the government isn't the best at making equity decisions, but nobody is being bailed out. There are no golden parachutes. Capitalism will still persevere. The last thing we need is Warren Buffett going around and taking advantage of more companies like

General Electric

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Goldman Sachs

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Current stock prices for some great companies are reflecting absolutely no future growth. A good investment is one whose earnings grow faster than expectations -- and how difficult is it for good companies to beat 2% growth? In some cases, not very.

Here are four companies, including

Freeport McMoRan

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, priced to grow at less than 2% in the coming years. Are these a deal? Or no deal?

To find out,



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