Four Must-See Charts of the Day

Cut through the market clutter with charts. Here are four charts to watch.
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Stocks in the U.S. rebounded sharply on Thursday as volatility continued to rule the trading environment. Investors welcomed the gains after the market fell considerably on Wednesday, due to some weak earnings reports from such top blue-chip companies as Walt Disney (DIS) - Get Report and Kraft (KFT) .

It's a tough game to figure out which way the market is going to move on a day-to-day basis -- especially when important economic data is set to be released. Often, the market will react in the complete opposite direction of what a majority of market players may have anticipated.

Instead of trying to game the market based off of fundamental data -- which is many times a lagging indicator -- consider focusing on technical analysis to cut through the noise on Wall Street.

Technical analysis is the forecasting of future price movements, based on an examination of past price movements. One form of technical analysis that can help is to isolate strength or weakness by focusing on the leading and lagging sectors on any given day.

Any sector or stock that was up on Wednesday demonstrates strength and positive momentum. If market players were willing to put money to work and buy into a sector when the market was down, it could be a sign that the sector is in high demand and set to move higher in the future.

Some of the top performing sectors on Wednesday and Thursday (when the market rose) were copper, steel and iron, technology and oil and gas equipment and services.

With that in mind, here's a technical look at four charts of stocks that were strong while the market fell on Wednesday, and also followed the trend up on Thursday and weren't selling off (including

Freeport McMoRan

(FCX) - Get Report


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