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For Teachers: More Stock Market Lessons from Spring 2008

From earnings season to 'green' investing, here's a look at the semester that was in the Stock Market Game.

The Stock Market Game (SMG), is a curriculum-based teaching tool that allows students to invest a hypothetical $100,000 online stock portfolio to learn about long-term saving and investing.

The following is a recap of highlight lessons from the SMG Week in Reviews published during the game's Spring 2008 session.

Earnings Season

There are many ways to engage your students during earnings season. One of them is to get them to listen to an earnings call, which most companies tape and make available on the Web. For example,

Family Dollar


has its earnings call from Apr. 4 available on its Web site. You can find most earnings podcasts on company Web sites by looking for their Investor Relations, Media or News sections.

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International Diversification

While we realize this has been a tough semester for Stock Market Game (SMG) students to see significant gains in their portfolios, students may be interested in checking out the following articles posted recently on

, "

Investing in China: What You Need To Know

" and "

How To Make International Plays Without Getting Played

." Both stress the importance of international diversification with a specific focus on China.

TheStreet Recommends

As discussed in the second

article, you may be interested in introducing your students to ADRs and ETFs.

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'Green' Investing

Socially responsible investing (SRI) or green investing generally refers to investing in public companies whose goals and primary business practices work toward the benefit of society. Green companies may position themselves and their investors to help slow the rate of climate change and take advantage of profitable opportunities to provide goods and services. They may also adhere to acceptable environmental and human rights standards.

Not only can students invest in individual stocks, but there is a huge variety of green mutual funds and ETFs to choose from...

is a great site for additional research, news and information on social investing.

Your students may also want to check out

. This site provides a "screen" to determine whether or not companies are acting in ways that are consistent with positive standards of corporate conduct in the areas of climate change and human rights.

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This article was written by a staff member of The Stock Market Game.