Five Health Stocks for a Sick Market

There defensive names are companies whose products sell no matter how bad the economy is.
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By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Susanne Owen

Everyone is hurting and cashing out and leaving the market. People are saying that it's impossible to pick single stocks and we shouldn't even try. Bottom line: No bull markets anywhere.

So it is this Trading Nymph's challenge to find five names that actually could work, even if it turns out that we have much further to go in this bear market. These defensive names are companies whose products consumers buy no matter how bad the economy is.

I keep track of these five stocks, including

The Medecines Co.

(MDCO) - Get Report



(PRGO) - Get Report

, in a Stockpickr portfolio called

Nurse Nymph Looks for Medical Plays in This Sick Economy

. I think these names can help keep you and your portfolio healthy during this selloff.

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