Fitzpatrick's Technical Takes for the Week

Deciphering stock charts can lead to discovering money-making opportunities.
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The bulls are back in town. At least, they're staring to make an appearance in the stock market.

In the last week, the

S&P 500

made a solid rally, gaining 5.1% despite less-than-ideal job numbers and flux over the government's latest stimulus package. That good news is being reflected in trades as more and more technical traders start to make money on long positions again.

If you don't have the technical background to make profitable trades yourself, how about a little help from's

Dan Fitzpatrick? He's a pro at deciphering the Wall Street charts and finding the plays that you can parlay into your portfolio.

Here's a look at Fitzpatrick's "3 Stocks I Saw on TV" video series and what he's had to say lately about stock ideas he's found on

, "Fast Money" and "Mad Money."

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