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FCC Still Battling Sirius

The FCC might still mandate that Sirius make its receivers HD-compatible.

Updated from 7 a.m. EDT

By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Gino Lattarulo

There is talk that the FCC may still mandate

Sirius XM

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receivers be HD-capable. It just can't leave well enough alone, can it?

Of course, the notice of inquiry comes from

Clear Channel

(CCU) and iBiquity itself, which is producing the HD system. Shocking, I know.

I say, sure, let them do it. But pay the owners of satellite technology and the manufacturers of the receivers for the right to do it. Otherwise, use your own money to develop the separate HD receiver and do it the hard way, as Sirius did. Then Sirius can lobby against Clear Channel to make HD receivers satellite-capable. Fair is fair, right?

No. Of course not, my friends. Not when it comes to politicians, lobbyists and their manipulations.

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