CNBC celebrated the one year anniversary of "Fast Money" on Tuesday, but the stock market wasn't very accommodating. The market plunged after Citigroup (C) - Get Report announced a huge $18.1 billion write-down and slashed its dividend. The Dow finished down 277 points and the NASDAQ closed down 60 points. The team covered the Citigroup story, plus they were able to have Carl Icahn visit the show to share his view of the market.

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Citigroup shares fell 7% after the banking giant reported a record loss on $18 billion in write-downs for bad mortgage assets. Najarian thinks Wall Street wanted to see a bigger write-down from Citigroup. He now predicts the problems at Citigroup will drag on for at least another quarter. Adami highlighted

U.S. Bancorp

(USB) - Get Report

which traded up all day Tuesday as the stock market plunged. He expects USB to go higher. Finerman would have been happier to see a bigger dividend cut from Citigroup.

Activism is Alive

Activist investor Carl Icahn joined the "Fast Money" crew to discuss his take on the markets. Icahn still thinks that someone will buy

Biogen Idec

(BIIB) - Get Report

. He also expressed that he doesn't like the way the stock market looks right now. Icahn thinks that commercial real estate could get hit hard and retail stocks could be down too much at current levels. He also thinks that American management teams aren't up to the job of running many of the top tier firms.

Healthcare stocks continue to show strength as the stock market plunges. Najarian reminded investors that healthcare stocks aren't bullet proof. However, the one stock in the healthcare sector he does like right now is Biogen Idec.

(Take a look at Icahn's portfolio on

Carl Icahn


Dennis Gartman Talks

Dennis Gartman, author of The Gartman Letter joined the "Fast Money" traders to discuss his take on the commodities market. Gartman disclosed that he is long natural gas and short crude oil. He thinks natural gas is cheap relative to crude oil and he pointed out that oil couldn't go up last week on bad news. Gartman mentioned his two favorite natural gas plays right now are

San Juan Basin Royalty Trust

(SJT) - Get Report


United States Natural Gas Fund

(UNG) - Get Report

. He went on to explain that investors were moving out of gold Tuesday due to margin calls. He feels that gold will be much higher 6 months as long as the dollar, inflation and the Federal Reserve don't change.

Rate Cut Trade

Many traders think the Federal Reserve will cut rates on or before the next meeting scheduled for January 30th. Macke thinks there's a 75% chance the Fed will cut before the meeting and he would be a seller of stocks if they do. Adami mentioned that if the Fed cuts before January 30th, it will happen Friday before the open. He would buy

Public Service Enterprise Group

(PEG) - Get Report

ahead of a rate cut. Najarian also thinks the Fed will cut Friday before the open just to burn all the shorts on options expiration day. His trade ahead of a rate cut is

Freddie Mac

( FRE). Finerman thinks the Fed will do something else to bring in liquidity to the markets. She would be a buyer of stocks on a rate cut.

(For a list of other names, check out this portfolio

Fed Rate Cut Portfolio Names You Didn't Think of


Tech Talk


(INTC) - Get Report

reported a 51% jump in fourth-quarter profits, but falls short of expectations. The stock traded down 15% after hours. Adami explained that gross margins were better for Intel, but he had the trade dead wrong. Najarian thought INTC would crush their earnings numbers.


(AAPL) - Get Report

shares took a beating on Tuesday falling 5% after Steve Jobs fails to impress investors. Najarian explained that Jobs failed to deliver anything fresh and iPhone sales disappointed investors. He wouldn't look to buy the dip on Apple. Adami thinks capitulation might be close for Apple and investors should look for 100 million shares to trade before buying.

Financial Earnings Trade


(JPM) - Get Report


Wells Fargo

(WFC) - Get Report

are set to report earnings on Wednesday. Adami would avoid both names unless you feel compelled. Najarian would also avoid both stocks, but he would take a look at

U.S. Bancorp

. He likes that Warren Buffett currently holds a position in USB. Macke says buying the banks going into earnings is like picking the prettiest cow walking into a slaughter house.

Airline Mergers?

Speculation is swirling around Wall Street that the airline sector is about to see some consolidation.


(JBLU) - Get Report

CEO Dave Barger joined the "Fast Money" traders to discuss his take on the airline sector. Barger mentioned that M&A activity in the airline sector would be very positive because there's too much supply. Najarian pointed out that


( NWA) is the obvious choice for a takeover play.


A viewer wants to know, "What do you think of


(SBUX) - Get Report

with the return of Howard Schultz as the CEO?' Macke recommends building a position in Starbucks at current levels. He likes SBUX more than


(MCD) - Get Report

for the first half of the year.

Fast Fire

The "Fast Money" traders highlighted their best and worst calls since the show started a year ago.

Macke's best call was


(ATVI) - Get Report

and his worst call was

(AMZN) - Get Report

. He still likes ATVI going forward.

Adami's best call was


(MA) - Get Report

and his worst was

StreetTRACKS Gold Trust

(GLD) - Get Report

. Adami hopes viewers had the volume off during his gold calls. He mentioned that he still doesn't get the run in gold.

Finerman's best call was


(FLWS) - Get Report

and her worst pick was

Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report

. The only positive thing she could say about it was that it was a good "tax trade."

Najarian's best pick was

Cypress Semiconductor

(CY) - Get Report

and his worst call was


(TGT) - Get Report

. Najarian explained that he should have waited for insiders to start buying Target before he jumped in.

Final Trade

There was only one panel member extending a trade idea for this show. It was Najarian and he likes



going into tomorrow.

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