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'Fast Money' Portfolios of the Week

The 'Fast Money' crew has recently highlighted trading ideas that play off Chinaâ¿¿s revaluation of the yuan, top energy stocks in the wake of the Gulf crisis and more.

WINDERMERE, Fla. (Stockpickr) -- The traders of CNBC⿿s ⿿Fast Money⿝ are concerned about the bearish report out of the Commerce Department that showed that new-home sales cratered 33% to their lowest level since 1963. On Wednesday⿿s ⿿Halftime Report⿝ segment, Steve Grasso mentioned that with the first-time-home credit now expired, the bearish report shouldn⿿t surprise anyone. He pointed out that copper, oil and lumber are all down and they⿿re leading market indicators. Grasso advised viewers to sell any rally because it⿿s going to be very tough to get a bullish GDP report with a struggling housing market.

Despite the weak housing data, Whitney Tilson said that if youâ¿¿re short the

SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF

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, it might be time to start thinking about covering your position.

Pete Najarian said the market is challenged, with copper struggling at $3, the


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stalled at its 200-day moving average and the

Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF

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also stalled.

Almost all of the traders agreed that any rally that comes off of the

Federal Reserveâ¿¿s

interest rate decision should be sold.

The ⿿Fast Money⿝ crew has recently highlighted trading ideas that play off China⿿s revaluation of the yuan, top energy stocks in the wake of the Gulf crisis and stocks with unusual options activity. Here are some highlights from over the past week as aggregated from the show.

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Yuan Winners & Losers

: The crew thinks stocks such as

(BIDU) - Get Report


China Mobile

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could be big winners of China⿿s decision to revalue their currency, the yuan. On Tuesday⿿s ⿿Halftime Report⿝ segment, Tim Seymour told viewers: ⿿If the commodities play is too volatile for you, on a related note, Chinese consumers are experiencing more purchasing power and that should benefit


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Shanda Interactive Entertainment


and other companies tethered to China⿿s consumer.⿝ The

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Yuan Winners & Losers

portfolio includes

Wal-Mart Stores

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(INTC) - Get Report


Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Risky Broker Stocks

: The traders think a handful of brokers, including

Morgan Stanley

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Charles Schwab

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, could sell off after financial reform. On Monday⿿s ⿿Fast Money⿝ show, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Doug Sipkin told viewers: ⿿I don⿿t think the Street has priced in an amendment which compels brokers who offer financial advice to adhere to a higher client-care stand. This new legislation could force them to operate under a much higher fiduciary standard.⿝ The

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Risky Broker Stocks

portfolio includes

TD Ameritrade

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(BLK) - Get Report


Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Top Energy Stock Trades

: The traders see opportunity in playing energy stocks such as


TST Recommends

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in the wake of the Gulf disaster. On last Friday⿿s ⿿Fast Money⿝ show,

Karen Finerman

told viewers: â¿¿If youâ¿¿re looking for a play, Iâ¿¿d look at tankers such as


(FRO) - Get Report



(TK). If less oil comes out of the Gulf, then the journey to get that oil to the U.S. will be longer.⿝ The

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Top Energy Stock Trades

portfolio includes

Occidental Petroleum

(OXY) - Get Report



(RIG) - Get Report


Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Options Action

: The traders highlighted some options trades and unusual options activity in names such as


(AAPL) - Get Report


Boston Properties

(BXP) - Get Report

. On Wednesday⿿s ⿿Halftime Report⿝ segment, Pete Najarian told viewers: ⿿I⿿m seeing a lot of call-buying on

Research In Motion


, and it could suggest a modest bullish bias. If you share that outlook, look at a call spread or go one month against another ⿿ sell the July to buy the August.⿝ The

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Options Action

portfolio includes




Anadarko Petroleum

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Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Top Bank Reform Trades

: The crew knows just how to trade financial regulation. On Monday⿿s ⿿Fast Money⿝ show, Joe Terranova told viewers: ⿿I don⿿t think fin reg will have a terribly negative impact on


(MA) - Get Report



(V) - Get Report

. I⿿d stay with both names.⿝ The

Fast Moneyâ¿¿s Top Bank Reform Trades

portfolio includes


(C) - Get Report


Bank of America

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-- Written by Roberto Pedone in Windermere, Fla.

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