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'Fast Money' Portfolios of the Week

Here's what the crew's been talking about lately.

The traders of CNBC's "Fast Money" are some of the best market players and investors on Wall Street. The crew is made up of commodities traders, options experts, hedge fund managers and activist investors that use their combined knowledge to steer investors into solid money-making ideas.

Some members of the panel believe that current market action is something you see when a market is stabilizing. Jeff Macke thinks the recent selloff was nothing more than profit-taking ahead of earnings season. He told viewers he expects buyers to come back into the market when the

S&P 500

hits 800. Joe Terranova said the market is consolidating and taking a pause. Karen Finerman reminded viewers that first-quarter earnings aren't going to be as important as guidance companies issue for the future.

The gang recently highlighted trading ideas that play off of M&A activity, earnings trades and retail stocks to play ahead of same-store sales data. Here are some highlights from over the past week as aggregated from the show.

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