'Fast Money' Portfolios of the Week

Here's what the gang's been talking about lately.
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The traders of CNBC's "Fast Money" have been adamant this year that market-players need to be nimble in this volatility-driven environment. The crew thinks that the best way to win in this market is to think like a trader, not an investor. A trader picks an entry point and an exit point, practicing a strict buy-and-sell discipline instead of an investor's buy-and-hold strategy.

It's possible that buy-and-hold might be dying for good as an investment strategy, although the jury is still out. If the future of the markets is going to be best-suited for traders, then you must stay updated on stock information and developments like never before.

The bottom line: If the game has changed on Wall Street you must change with it or you risk missing out on making money. Don't fight the trend. Adapt to it and survive.

The gang recently highlighted trading ideas that play off safe dividend stocks, reflation stock plays and technology stocks. Here are some highlights from over the past week as aggregated from the show.

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