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'Fast Money' Portfolios of the Week

Here are some of the stocks the 'Fast Money' crew has been talking about lately.

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"Fast Money" traders are fresh into the new year, with plenty of moneymaking ideas that will work in an up or down market. The traders found opportunity in everything from the election cycle to emerging markets. With gold trading at all-time highs, the crew discovered some possible takeover plays in the mining sector. Here are some highlights from over the past week as aggregated from CNBC's "Fast Money" TV show.

Dennis Gartman Stock Picks

: Strategic investor Dennis Gartman, author of

The Gartman Letter

, sees opportunity in a coming bear market. On Tuesday's "Fast Money," Gartman told viewers, "This is a real bear market. It probably got started about six months ago, and I think there's still a lot farther to go on the downside."

Dennis Gartman Stock Picks

included GLD and PBR among others.

Fast Money's Online Display Advertising Stock Picks

: JPMorgan recently predicted that online spending could reach $10 billion in 2009. On last Thursday's "Fast Money" show, Jon Najarian told viewers, "I think it's Yahoo! which stands to gain the most -- as much as 30% -- if ad spending picks up."

Fast Money's Online Display Advertising Stock Picks

included names like GOOG and YHOO among others.

Fast Money's Gold Stock Picks

: Gold recently hit a 28-year high, and the "Fast Money" traders know just how to play this trend. On last Thursday's "Fast Money" show, Tim Seymour told viewers, "Gold's move higher should mean more M&A activity for the miners, since gold is their currency."

Fast Money's Gold Stock Picks

TheStreet Recommends

included GFI and HMY among others.

Fast Money's Emerging Market Stock Picks

: Emerging markets continue to show strength even in the face of weakness in the U.S. stock market. Are emerging markets the new safe haven? On Tuesday's "Fast Money" show, Tim Seymour told viewers, "Countries that have higher growth and lower interest rates are outperforming and are better insulated."

Fast Money' Emerging Market Stock Picks

included names like CHL and CTCM among others.

Fast Money's Recession Stock Plays

: Morgan Stanley recently issued its 2008 outlook report, which gave some stock ideas in the event of a recession. The "Fast Money" traders weighed in with their take on Morgan's ideas.

On Monday's "Fast Money" show, Jeff Macke told viewers, "Maybe walk away from Best Buy, but don't short it."

Fast Money's Recession Stock Plays

included MO and KO among others.

Fast Money's Election Stock Picks

: Not since 1928, has there been an election in the U.S. with neither a sitting president nor vice president running. The "Fast Money" traders gave out their best ideas on how the play this election cycle. On last Wednesday's "Fast Money" show, Guy Adami told viewers, "I don't think spending on defense will slow down under a new administration, so buy Lockheed Martin." Check out

Fast Money's Election Stock Picks

included FNM and BA among others.

Fast Money's Stock Plays Off BRIC IPO Growth

: The "Fast Money" traders see opportunity with the growth in emerging-market IPOs. On last Thursday's "Fast Money" show, Tim Seymour told viewers, " I think these emerging markets could generate as much as 40% of global deal flow. And that should bode well for the old-fashioned business of underwriting and spreads." Check out

Fast Money's Stock Picks Off BRIC IPO Growth

which include GS and NYX.

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