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Fans of the Staples Center got salty about the name change announced Tuesday that will rechristen the well-known sports venue icon to Arena.

“I grew up this being Staples and Staples being the place to play and the place to be. It’s kind of like just stripping the history here,” Clippers' Paul George told KTLA.

"Do you know how stupid that sounds?" Shelia Bee said on Twitter. " 'Hey guys, let's go to the Arena to see a Lakers game!'"

The deal to change the Staple Center's name was announced Tuesday by the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange and AEG, the owner and operator of the arena that is home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.

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The change will be official on Christmas Day this year, when the Lakers will play in their home stadium.

Jolene Jolene tweeted that "people in the area are homeless and hungry, they need this money more than all this upgrades."

"I hate to say this, but it’s been called the staples center for over twenty years," Momo tweeted. "You can rename it whatever you want, but people will still call it staples center."

"You guys do realize it was once named the STAPLES Center right?" Spirokoko1 tweeted. "You know ... the store like office depot. Just sounds normal cause you've heard it a million times."

AEG owns a number of sports teams, including the Kings and Galaxy, and venues, including L.A. Live, the Oakland Coliseum and London’s O2 Arena. It is one of the nation’s largest event promoters, producing Coachella, among others.