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Takeaways and Observations

Originally published at 1:31 PM EDT on June 26, 2015

Friday's takeaways and observations:

  • Greece is the word ...
  • ... but so is China.
  • That said, the bond market is Friday's most important story, with yields at a new 2015 high. I'm a bit surprised considering the macroeconomic backdrop. I still think a 2.50% yield on the 10-year Treasury is at or near the top for 2015, and I believe the yield curve will actually flatten when a fed-funds hike arrives.
  • The second-most-important story today is the Nasdaq, which appears to be rolling over. (I added to my short of the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) - Get Report June 22 week.) The revenue shortfall at Micron Technology (MU) - Get Report might have broader implications than is generally understood.
  • I think the S&P 500 is running on fumes.
  • I don't see much in the way of market leadership today, excluding health care and banks. A narrowing market isn't constructive, and I'll have more to say about that on Monday morning.
  • I'm watching in awe given the large recent gains in Facebook (FB) - Get Report that several commentators and analysts are so self-confident as to buy the social-media giant or initiate Buy recommendations at current prices. It's not the pro-Facebook sentiment that I object to, but the self-confidence in a market where the only certainty is uncertainty.
  • I've expanded my net short exposure all week, even in the face of what I expect will be short-lived rally early next week on a likely Greek agreement.
  • The Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X ETF (SPXS) - Get Report, the triple-leveraged inverse S&P ETF that I bought at $17.37 on Wednesday, is my favorite short-term vehicle right now. It just traded at over $18.05.

Icahn's a Market Icon

Originally published at 1:59 PM EDT on June 26, 2015

With his market comments and his liquidation of Netflix (NFLX) - Get Report -- which is now down $45 a share for its post-split high -- Carl Icahn this week proved once again that he's the smartest guy in the room.

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