This article was originally published on April 7.

Ex-Obama adviser Austan Goolsbee said there's a decent chance a government shutdown occurs ahead of the April 28 debt-ceiling deadline.


Pure politics, as always.

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"I think there is a decent chance that despite Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the presidency, they stumble and punch themselves in the face and actually shutdown the government and then try to blame that on the Democrats," he said.

However, he thinks President Trump could come to the rescue to avoid a shutdown, which last occurred in October 2013.

"[Trump] could get Democrats to vote not to shutdown the government, but he will have to give them the things that they are asking for like parity treatment between defense and non-defense and not enforcing the sequester -- he will have to throw out the Trump budget ," he said, referring to Trump's recently released budget proposal, which called for a $54 billion increase in defense spending next year. 

As for Trump's budget, Goolsbee doesn't see any components to his liking.

"It was not really a budget -- it was just a messaging document," he said. "The president's first budget is just a statement of priorities."