You Ask, Fitzpatrick Answers: Gold, Financials

RealMoney's Dan Fitzpatrick covers gold ETFs, the impact of the uptick rule, trading discipline and financial ETFs.
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Update from March 11

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This week, Dan Fitzpatrick (


contributor) responded to a round of timely questions.

Here are a few of those questions and Fitzpatrick's answers.

How do you feel about gold (and the miners) here?


They have been safe havens for people who did not know what else to do. But they need to come in a lot more before they're free to move higher. I still like the

SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)

(GLD) - Get Report

, the

Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF

(GDX) - Get Report

and several of the miners.

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In Thursday trading, shares of the gold ETF closed at $91.10 (up 2.11% for the day; down 1.29% for the week). Shares of the gold miners ETF closed at $36.28 (up 4.28% for the day; down 0.61% for the week).

What do you think about the uptick rule being reinstated? Is this an effective long term fix for the market turmoil?


Yes, I think the uptick rule should be reinstated. Chris Cox was a shill for Wall Street.

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Which one of your own trading rules do you find the most difficult for you to follow? Also, what do you do (if anything) to actively try to improve on this and enhance your discipline?


The most difficult rule for me to follow is to avoid overtrading... Doing that always costs me money.

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Do you chart Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares and Direxion Financial Bear 3X Shares ?


No. They're just super leveraged ETFs.

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