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ETF Expert

) -- In March of 2008, I talked about Warren Buffett's increasing financial interest in transportation companies like

Burlington Northern Santa Fe


. It served as a "lead-in" to the notion that the

iShares DJ Transportation Index Fund

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could tell you when the U.S. economy might heal.

Similarly, the folks at Morningstar recently mentioned that Buffett acquired the second largest railroad corporation outright in Feb. 2010; they also used the Oracle of Omaha's financial interest as a segue for a discussion on

diversifying with Transportation ETFs.

I agree with Morningstar that it is better to utilize an exchange-traded fund that represents a key sector, rather than make a bet on an individual company. Even Buffett can shoot the wrong elephant.

However, the valuation-oriented Morningstar seemed to ignore the possibility that Transportation ETFs are expensive. For example, IYT tracks the Dow Jones Transportation Index -- a benchmark that currently trades at an estimated 19x forward earnings. The Dow Industrials? Its Forward P/E is more attractively priced at 12.3.



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shares bounded higher March 18, 2011, after its CEO expressed confidence that it would beat current expectations for 2011. Yet it's also true that the company had earned 3% less than it had in its previous third quarter. And yes, rail firms like

CSX Corporation

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Union Pacific

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should both benefit from the worldwide demand for coal in power generation. Yet both of these companies may have ongoing liabilities vis-a-vis asbestos or hazardous spills.

So how do you decide?

In truth, if this market had been banking on valuations, large-caps would be kicking the "beetlejuice" out of small-caps. But they're not. In spite of an enormous

premium paid for owning small company stocks over large company stocks,

the "risk-on" investor community is still betting on small.

Similarly, "transports" have had momentum over the last six months... much the same way that small-caps have enjoyed. That said, transports have been struggling a bit lately. Here are the year-to-date performance numbers for several Transportation ETFs:

In truth, as long as an exchange-traded vehicle like IYT remains above its 200-day moving average, you can probably board the train. If IYT falls below this trendline due to additional "aftershocks" to the global economy, consider a speedy departure.

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