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) --Key emerging market ETFs are getting knocked lower while other funds are enjoying healthy inflows. The latest weekly data from the Investment Company Institute says money market fund inflows exceeded $24 billion. That represents the largest weekly increase since December.

The lion’s share of the jump came from institutional shifts. No surprise there ... money managers have been raising their cash levels in anticipation of a

highly probable pullback


Nevertheless, U.S. stocks remain resilient. The

S&P 500

is a little more than a percentage point off of its April closing high of 1363.

In complete contrast, the

iShares BRIC ETF

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has witnessed an intra-day correction of -10%. It currently resides below a 200-day moving average. Considering the contributions of Brazil, India, Russia and China to global production and consumption, emerging market weakness is hardly welcome news.

Worse yet, a number of emergers have experienced “cross-under” events. Specifically, when the value of a short-term 50-day moving average crosses below the value of a long-term 200-day moving average, ETF traders typically assume that the ETF is trending downward.

Here are several unfortunate residents that have crossed under:

Granted, many of the residents on the list are far out on the emerging spectrum. You might even say, they are more representative of the frontier.

Nevertheless, the dollar’s devaluation in 2011 hasn’t led to larger gains in frontier markets or emerging markets. And lately, dollar reversals on risk aversion only seem to hit the emergers even harder.

The iShares BRIC ETF hasn’t “crossed” under. That said, its performance has been rather uninspiring.

BKF 2011

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