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, we have been asked many questions about the Greek news. We have been expecting a strong rally since early October, and figured it would have something to do with Greece, but

have been recommending (and we STILL) recommend some of the aggressive US ETFs such as OEF, IWM or MDY rather than European Bourses.

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Still, since we have seen stronger performance out of Europe, and the markets seem to be suggesting that this Greek solution is a good one, we ask ourselves, "What are the best intermediate technical charts in this area?" We show some weekly charts of European ETFS and will discuss them. For many months,

our favorite European market has been EWD, and we note that it is through the resistance at 28.50 - not by much, but it IS through

. We compare this to the next strongest countries (EWG - Germany and EWQ - France) and note that they are slightly weaker, but improving.

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The weaker ETFs in Europe also rallied, but have traded less well over the last few months. These are EWP (Spain) and EWI (Italy). EWP at least has a double bottom, but it has come down more and rallied less, while EWI has broken decisively through the summer 2010 lows. In other words, Italy is weaker than Spain, and both are weaker than the stronger European markets above.

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To conclude -

our favorite investment is Sweden, with Germany and then France

. We realize, the latter are "cheap", but given the chance that more fundamental problems arise in Europe - sometimes "cheap" is for the birds. Relative performance matters more to us here as investors.

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