Here's what was up and down in ETFs last week.



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iShares Dow Jones U.S. Regional Banks

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These banking ETFs have some of the weakest momentum in the ETF universe, aside from double-short ETFs. Banks finally rebounded this week, however. It was the smaller regional banks such as

Fifth Third Bancorp

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-- accounting for 2.87% of IAT but up 11.8% for the week -- that pushed up the fund.

U.S. Bancorp

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, which accounts for 19.34% of IAT, gained only 3.6% for the week.

iShares Israel

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iShares Turkey

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Market Vectors Indonesia

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Emerging markets climbed on the market rally this week, and the already strong TUR and IDX added to their winning streak. EIS joined in this week; it has racked up a 19.1% gain in the past three weeks. These ETFs have room to run as long as the global equity markets continue their winning streak, but Indonesia

was helped this week

by a positive report from the IMF.

PowerShares Lux Nanotech



Veeco Instruments

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grew to 7.83% of PXN after gaining 29% this week on an improved forecast for the second half and an upgrade from


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. Volatility is a staple with the holdings in this fund. On Friday,



, 4.78% of assets, fell 11%.


United States Natural Gas

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UNG can't catch a break. Oil prices tumbled for most of the week before bouncing back on Thursday and Friday, but whereas

U.S. Oil

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PowerShares DB Oil

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finished with a small loss and a small gain, UNG sank. Supply and demand issues are still holding natural gas prices in check, but this hasn't hurt the popularity of UNG.

iShares Dow Jones U.S. Oil Equipment

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PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services

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The volatility in oil prices also wreaked havoc on the oil service stocks, which finished down for the week. It didn't help that a large customer,

Exxon Mobil

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, reported earnings that were 66% below year-ago levels.

ProShares Ultra Short 20+ Year Treasury

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The Treasury market continues to disappoint the bears. A big week of auctions closed with the long bonds trading higher, and conversely, inverse funds trading lower. Perhaps the stronger-than-expected GDP report will spark inflation concerns, TBT suffered half of its losses for the week on Friday alone, the day the report was released.

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