Don Dion's Weekly ETF Winners and Losers

Here's a look at Don Dion's ETF winners and losers for the week.
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Here's a look at the best and worst of exchange-traded funds this week.


PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short

(DTO) - Get Report


I first mentioned DTO as a hedge against falling markets on Monday, when it was trading around $87. I offered it as a way

to bet on falling energy prices

on Wednesday (instead of shorting

U.S. Natural Gas

(UNG) - Get Report

) when it was trading around $91.50. It turned out to be one of the best performing ETFs and ETNs this week.

Besides DTO, I also mentioned

PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Bullish

(UUP) - Get Report


CurrencyShares Japanese Yen

(FXY) - Get Report

. UUP was flat for the week and FXY gained more than 3% from last week's close.

Market Vectors Indonesia

(IDX) - Get Report

, up 2.2% was also a winner. I

mentioned it on Thursday

following the re-election of President Yudhoyono and

covered it in more detail previously

.Investors hope that his victory will lead to a Chinese-style infrastructure build-out that can deliver accelerated GDP growth.

iShares South Korea

(EWY) - Get Report

, +2.5%, bounced higher this week after


, it's No. 1 holding at more than 16% of assets, guided analysts higher for second-quarter earnings on Monday. EWY gained for the week, but it lost the Samsung gains and closed below its Monday open. A suspected North Korean led cyberattack on South Korea and U.S. systems may have contributed to the tepid week.


PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy

(PBW) - Get Report


Market Vectors Solar



With the

S&P 500

index down 1.9% for the week, there were a lot more losers than winners. Solar ETFs were one sector that took a beating. Solar ETFs tend to track oil, but with more volatility.

iShares FTSE NAREIT Retail

(RTL) - Get Report


The retail sector had mixed same-store sales reports. They were mostly down, but better than expected in many cases, and

PowerShares Dynamic Retail

(PMR) - Get Report

had a 0.5% gain for the week. Meanwhile, the extremely thinly traded

iShares FTSE NAREIT Retail

(RTL) - Get Report

, which invests in retail real estate, tanked 9.7%. This fund suffers from being in two of the weaker sectors of the economy -- retail and commercial real estate.

PowerShares DB Oil

(DBO) - Get Report


iPath Nickel

(JJN) - Get Report


Market Vectors Russia

(RSX) - Get Report


Market Vectors Gold Miners

(GDX) - Get Report


U.S. Natural Gas

(UNG) - Get Report


Obviously, if DTO were a winner, oil ETFs were losers. The unemployment report from July 2 continued to generate news all week, and the skeptical take on the recovery dominated. Energy prices were hit hard as prices tumbled quickly, and there was barely any rebound.

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