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Dion's Friday ETF Winners and Losers

Dion tells investors to steer clear of United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG) despite the ETF's performance today.
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Welcome to Don Dion's Daily ETF Winners and Losers. Be sure to stop by each day to get a feel of what's rising and what's falling when it comes to ETFs.


United States Natural Gas Fund

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After three days of trading downward, UNG was on the verge of closing out the week with some of the worse losses across the entire ETF realm. However, on Friday the fund appeared to at last catch a break as natural gas prices head higher and traders use the past days' drop as an entry point.

This week's performance highlights the volatile nature of UNG. I would advise investors to steer clear despite Friday's strength.

iShares Spain Index Fund

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Investors switched from pessimism to optimism over Greece, lifting the euro and helping the Spain ETF capture some impressive gains on Friday.

Spanish oil firm Repsol has seen some of the best jumps among the fund's index. Repsol accounts for over 4% of EWP's index.

Investors should be cautious going forward, however, as throughout April EWP has been testing its 50-day moving average. If today's jump fails to materialize into a real trend, the fund would have room to fall.

iPath Dow Jones-UBS Sugar Total Return Subindex ETN

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The SGG has been helped higher today as sugar prices flirt with the idea of scoring their first weekly gain in eight weeks.

Despite today's strength, I would advise investors to steer clear of this ETN. This week, SGG's 50-day moving average slipped below its 200-day moving average forming what technicians call a "Death Cross." This is typically viewed as a bearish symbol and could indicate that this fund's future could be rocky.

Claymore/Delta Global Shipping ETF

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The shipping industry and SEA have seen a nice rise today with some of the largest jumps coming from top holding, Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG). Other gainers include Teekay Shipping Corp, and Euronav. The performance of this fund is always at risk in the near-term, however, as SEA boasts the largest exposure to Greece among all ETFs currently trading. The nation makes up nearly 20% of the fund.


United States Oil Fund

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Both natural gas prices and oil companies like Chevron headed higher amidst a broad up market. However, a drop in the price of physical crude is weighing on USO. According to a report from


analysts feel that a combination of growing supply and decreasing demand for the fuel will weigh on prices heading into the second half of April.

Market Vectors Indonesia ETF



The Indonesia ETF extended yesterday's slide into the end of the week as investors continue to flee the nation's markets in fear government action meant to slow the rise of the nation's equities.

On Friday, Goldman Sachs provided a bit of support for Indonesia's financial industry, explaining that the market's valuation should not affect banks. Luckily for IDX investors, financials account for nearly a quarter of the fund's total portfolio.

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