NEW YORK (ETF Expert) -- In the Feb. 10 edition of USA Today, journalist Janice Lloyd presented a number of sobering stats for baby boomers. For example, the demand for knee replacements in the 45 to 64 age bracket has tripled over the past 10 years. What's more, nearly one fifth of the 4.5 million Americans who have already experienced total knee replacements may eventually require revisions due to loosening, fractures and/or general wear and tear.

Why do these numbers matter? For one thing, prosthetic joints from knees to hips should be extremely profitable for manufacturers for decades to come. For another, the

iShares Medical Devices Fund

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may be a better way to diversify across implant manufacturers -- from

Zimmer Holdings




Mako Surgical


Granted, "

Big Pharma

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" has been a better performer over the course of the three-year bull market. This is due primarily to an investor base that shunned the risk of rapid-growth industries. In the last three months, however, the technologically oriented, economically sensitive medical device segment has picked up a head of steam.

IHI 3 months

There are a variety of things to like about the iShares Medical Devices Fund. Beta risk is roughly 10% less than that of the

S&P 500

. The cost of ownership is a relatively reasonable 0.47%. And many of the orthopedic implant maker's in the

Dow Jones U.S. Select Medical Equipment Index

have exceptionally profitable sources of

recurring revenue


Chart-lovers and technical analysts should be relatively impressed as well. There's been a fairly well-defined support level for the downside at a price point of 54. The current price is above the 200-day moving average. Yet, based upon 52-week highs, IHI still might have plenty of room to run.

IHI 1 Year

Personally, I might wait for a bit more of a pullback before establishing a position. That said, if we see continued evidence of a so-so backdrop for stock assets -- if there's additional signs that Europe can muddle through and China can expand without sparking inflation . . . the iShares Medical Devices Fund may certainly make it onto my wish list.

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