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ETF Expert

) --There are four exchange-traded vehicles with sufficient volume that a master limited partnership (MLP) enthusiast should consider.

More specifically, for those investors who do not wish to pick individual securities, there are several diversified MLP products offering the possibility of capital appreciation and the certainty of a solid income stream.

First, a quick primer on energy pipeline partnerships. Energy MLPs typically own the pipelines that transport crude oil and natural gas throughout the country. Although the underlying commodity can affect their price, the more significant driver tends to be genuine supply and demand. Most importantly, investors often buy MLP shares as "income producing properties," since the distributions often range from 5% to 7%.

There are many reasons for investors to avoid individual MLPs, from the tax headaches to the difficulty in identifying the best prospect. Yet the reasons to gain MLP exposure via an exchange-traded vehicle are increasing by the minute.

1. Technical Uptrend.

A number of stock ETFs may have risen above a shorter-term, 50-day moving average. Yet very few have recovered a longer-term 200-day trendline.

UBS MLP Alerian Infrastructure

(MLPI) - Get Report

has done exactly that. What's more, it boasts "higher lows" since the month of August.

2. Attractive Yield Spread.



(AMLP) - Get Report

currently boasts a 6.2% annualized yield. The historical spread between 10-year Treasuries is currently 400 basis points, when it might normally be closer to 250 basis points; the yield spread between AMLP and the

iShares 20+ Year Treasury

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is also wider than the historical average. Topping it off, AMLP has genuine potential for capital appreciation, whereas individual Treasury bond debt matures and is currently priced near record lows.

3. Low Correlation With Other High Yield Instruments.

In a play-by-play financial crisis (e.g., subprime 2008, sovereign debt 2011), virtually all risk assets move together. The most troubling aspect of the "risk on-risk-off" phenomenon is the difficulty in diversifying one's portfolio with low-correlating assets.

That said, the

JP Morgan Alerian MLP ETN

(AMJ) - Get Report

has very slight negative correlations with a number of high-yielding investments. The one-year correlation coefficients with

SPDR Select Utilities

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iShares JP Morgan Emerging Market Bond

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are -.09 and -.30 respectively.


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