Elon Musk Attacks Amazon, Bezos Over COVID-19 Book

The Tesla CEO said on Monday he was going "off Twitter" for awhile, but that didn't last long.

Just days after announcing he was taking a "break" from Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk returned to the platform Thursday to make a series of head-scratching pronouncements related to Amazon. 

The Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Report chief tweeted that it's "time to break up Amazon" in response to a post by the writer Alex Berenson. Berenson claimed that Amazon "censored" a forthcoming book he authored about the COVID-19 pandemic, and Musk replied that it was "insane," also dubbing Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Report a monopoly.  

Berenson, a former NYTimes reporter cited frequently in right-leaning press, is a skeptic of the COVID-19 pandemic and previously wrote a controversial book linking marijuana use to psychosis. Amazon later approved the COVID-19 book. 

Musk tweeted on Monday that he was "off Twitter for awhile."

The Tesla chief has expressed cynicism over the coronavirus pandemic, tweeting in early March that growing fears around the virus, which has now killed more than 100,000 people in the U.S., were "dumb." 

He called Bay Area stay-home orders "fascist" on Tesla's first-quarter earnings call, complaining that the temporary closure of Tesla's main Fremont, Calif. factory posed a "serious risk" to Tesla's financial performance. 

Musk has a long history of bizarre or false tweets, which have occasionally landed him or Tesla in hot water. 

Earlier this year, he opined that Tesla's stock price was too high, sending shares plummeting around 10% in the subsequent trading day. 

Perhaps most infamously, in 2018 Musk tweeted that he had secured financing to take Tesla private at $420 per share, a deal that never materialized. 

He was charged by the SEC for violating securities laws in the tweet, and later settled with the agency. 

As part of the settlement, Musk had to step down as chairman of Tesla and pay a fine of $20 million. Tesla was also required to institute an oversight process for Musk's tweets with respect to securities laws before they are published.

Tesla shares have more than doubled year to date and closed Thursday's trading session at $864.38.