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Eli Manning Moves From Football to Business

The former star quarterback is joining PE firm Brand Velocity Partners, which specializes in consumer products, as a partner.
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Former star NFL quarterback Eli Manning is getting into a new game -- private equity. He’s joining PE firm Brand Velocity Partners, which specializes in consumer products.

“I went through a Private Equity 101,” Manning, who has participated in firm business meetings for the last year, told Bloomberg. “As I get more familiar, I’ll be able to have more intel and be more helpful with some of the deals that we’re deciding on.”

Manning retired from the NFL in 2019, after a 16-year career for the New York Giants in which he led them to two Super Bowl victories.

“I was always interested in business,” he told CNBC. “I’ve looked at venture [capital], but I think with private equity and teaming up with BVP, … I just liked the core values of the company and how once they acquire a company, they like to grow it through marketing, execution and also put some investment back in employees.”

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Manning said he’s still in the learning phase. “But I think I can help with expanding existing relationships, sourcing and vetting potential acquisitions.”

As for rumors that he and his legendary brother Peyton, a former quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, might seek to buy The Broncos, “I’ve had no involvement with buying a team or the Broncos, but I don’t know about Peyton,” Eli Manning told CNBC. “I’m a Giants fan.”

He does expect private equity firms to get involved with ownership of teams, as they are now in baseball and basketball.