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Could Cryptocurrency Education End Poverty? Top Tokenization Influencer Says 'Yes'

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Eloisa Marchesoni, Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Token Model Architecture Influencer, speaks on bitcoin adoption in impoverished nations.

El Salvador recently passed a law allowing bitcoin as legal tender, making the Central American country of more than 6 million the first nation on earth to do so.

There are several other countries considering bitcoin adoption.

Blockchain technology may take power away from big banks and big tech and return it to the people. Instead of leading on that, the U.S. is letting our neighbors Brazil and Mexico lead the way on ETF adoption by approving those instruments. Other countries seem to be moving faster ahead while the U.S. sits in its hands.

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"From our perspective, that's unfortunate," said Matthew Sigel, head of digital assets research for VanEck. "It's a strange twist of fate that reflects just how politicized this issue has become. In the long run, we think that the truth will win out...the blockchain just has too many advantages when it comes to efficiency, cost, and unlocking demands that we didn't know we had for transferring value across the Internet globally, 365 days, 24/7." 

Read more from Matthew Sigel on the sovereign adoption of Bitcoin.

Watch the full webinar sponsored by VanEck to hear more insight about the evolution of blockchain and how the foundation of crypto is changing fintech:

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