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Want to recharge while you're on the go without contributing to the enormous electrical waste that's threatening the earth? USBcell Rechargeable Batteries is the answer. As you charge your AA's, you may want to recharge your iPod without using your computer. The Dual USB Power Adapter is a great solution to this dilemma. Gadget Grrl shows you how to recharge without the e-waste and gives you two other great charging solutions you can employ today.

USBcell Rechargeable Batteries
$17.49 (Euro $8.53)

This is not your everyday rechargeable battery. The USBcells are truly unique and good for the environment.

The patented batteries come with a flip top. Underneath is a standard USBplug. What a great way to recharge on the go without wasting electricity.

These time-saving batteries could spell real freedom for travelers, who won't have to hunt down stores in the middle of the night or deal with closed hotel gift shops.USBcells can be used like any AA batteries in wireless mice, digital cameras, MP3 players, wireless keyboards, projector controls, electric toothbrushes or just about anything a business traveler might carry.

Dual USB Power Adapter

So, while you're charging your batteries, you still might be looking for a way to charge your iPod without using your computer. Even though many laptops have two or three USB slots, there never seems to be enough room to plug in several devices at the same time.

Note to manufacturers: Allow more space between slots. Until then, there is a device that will charge both your iPod and your cell phone without hooking up to a laptop. It's the dual-action charger from Belkin.

The lightweight device has two USB slots for an iPod and a mini-USB device. It comes with both a USB-to-dock connector for the iPod and a mini-USB cable.

BT Cup

As of Jan. 1, 2008, a number of states will require drivers to use hands-freedevices when talking on cellphones. One of those devices is the BT Cup, which is a full-channel FM transmitter with built-inBluetooth technology.

The BT Cup fits snugly into most cupholders and allows you to listen to your iPodand answer calls. Just sync your Bluetooth cellphone with the BT Cup, and you can control it easily with the touch of a button. The device also charges your iPod via the cigarette lighter slot on your vehicle. My only gripe on this device is that I wish the buttons were'nt black, but they are still easy to reach while driving and a much better alternative to trying to scrolling while driving.

Site to See


eWaste.Com. It was inevitable that a company came up with an answer to this problem. If your office is filled with old desktops that are currently being used as doorstops, give these guys a call. Trashing your E-waste is not something you want to do on your own.

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