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It's As Easy As ... 1, 2, 3?

Based on my Twitter feed, the price chart (and technical positioning), my emails and other comments - the new stock du jour and fav trading stock is expected by many, to become Amgen (AMGN) - Get Report .

The stock was recommended by two people I admire, Carter Worth last night on Fast Money and earlier in the week by our own Bobby Lang -- on technical grounds.

While I understand the reason for their strong views, for a host of reasons -- not the least of which is the sudden consensus interest (and the implication that trading is as simple and easy as observing the chart) as well as the recent stock advance -- I took a very contrary (at least relative to the recent price action) short trading rental on the early morning strength.

Though the shares may very well move higher in a market where many worship at the altar of price momentum -- I am shorting the "breakout" because of these factors as well:

* As the shares have rallied, there has been no apparent change in the fundamentals at Amgen (that I am aware of).

* Amgen and other pharma/biotech face an Administration that wants drug prices to be lower and not higher.

* There is a near consensus notion that breakouts are to be bought (which has paid off handsomely in recent months) -- but this phenomenon could be coming to an end in a corrective market phase. (At least, if that corrective phase ever comes!)

I have a tight stop on this small "anti break-out" short.

Position: Short AMGN small.

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Originally published Oct. 18 at 11:14 a.m. EDT

Risk Builds Slowly; Awareness of Risk Happens Suddenly

"I have really in my own mind been looking for a crash, not a bear market... We are in the middle of something like 1946 and 1962 -- and to some extent something like 1929 but not as bad....I look not for a long bear market but for a brief but vicious decline. In 1962 it was done in two months, in 1929 in a matter of ten weeks."

--Marty Zweig, "Wall Street Week" (October, 1987)

The message from many markets of yesteryear -- including October 1987 -- is that risk happens fast and stealthily, but the market's awareness of it occurs suddenly.

Here are some noteworthy overnight and adverse events that may influence the markets Thursday:

* Apple (AAPL) - Get Report shares drop (down $2.50) in premarket trading on demand concerns. I have been adding to my Apple short in recent days and as recently as Wednesday.

* Unilever (UN) - Get Report shares are lower (down $2.75) on weak developed market comps/results. I reiterated my concerns with regard to Unilever and consumer packaged goods on Tuesday.

* Some evidence that China may need to deleverage in the face of risky lending practices.

* SAP's  (SAP) - Get Report cloud business is exhibiting some unexpected weakness.

* Philip Morris (PM) - Get Reportmissed and guided lower.

Oh, and good morning!

Position: Short UN, AAPL small.

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Originally published Oct. 19 at 7:55 a.m. EDT

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