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LOS ANGELES -- Talk about a two-for-one! Here are a couple of ideas for the mobile executive who likes to travel light!

Gadget Grrl has a nifty pen that doubles as a USB flashdrive. Plus, mobile executives may pick up this mobile phone that has 4GB of memory and the ability to play several music formats including, MP3, WMA and ACC. While there are some drawbacks, some mobile executives might be willing to pay more for style than substance.

HB8077 Pen Drive

For something truly unique, it's hard to beat this new device for novelty and design. It's a pen and it's a USB flash drive. It comes in variable sizes from 64MB to 4GB. This is for the mobile executive who doesn't like carrying one iota of extra gear. Simplify your travel with two devices in one. It also comes with a lanyard, so you can wear it around your neck.

Serenata Music/Mobile Phone
about $1,500

Design can be pricey but is it worth it? Money-to-burn types might like to splurge on the new Bang and Olufsen Serenata music/mobile phone. What you get for the price is a slick -- newly designed by David Lewis -- phone.

For starters, it looks like an upside down iPod, because there is a scroll wheel on top and the 2.26" LCD is on the bottom.

The scroll wheel is what you use to navigate between the two keyfeatures on this phone. When in the music mode, there is a red color-coded theme to let you know you're in that mode. Whereas, in phone mode, it is blue color-coded.The phone features are limited to a Web browser, file manager and organizer.

One disappointment we discovered was that there is no built-in digital camera, still or video. However, you can play back video, but we'd still like to be able to snap a shot.

This phone was designed to focus on music, so the integrated speaker system and ability to play several music formats including, MP3, WMA and ACC, along with the internal 4GB of memory are nice. And speaking of speakers, they are really good. But to play even more tunes, an expansion card slot would have been nice ... hint, hint.

One thing we particularly liked was the pure music feature, which enables you to route incoming calls to voicemail so you don't have to stop listening to a tune while on the go.

Speaking of listening, the ear buds are proprietary, meaning you won't be able to upgrade to any other models, but the ones included are pretty good.

Price on this device has been rumored to be about $1,500 or more, so check the Web site for details as they develop. Style vs. substance, it's your call.

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