TheStreet's Quant Ratings service recently downgraded Citizens Financial Group (CFG) - Get Report to a "C Hold" from a "B- Buy" -- so naturally, I took a look at the charts and indicators. It looks like this downgrade could be just enough of a nudge to tip the stock's charts to the downside.

Let me show you what I mean. In this daily bar chart of CFG, we can see how prices have weakened since their late February/early March zenith:

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Prices have made lower highs the past four months, and while they've held in the $33-$34 area over the past three months, that support might soon give way. It's true that prices are stuck between Citizens' nearly flat 50-day moving average (the gold-colored line at the top of the chart above) and its rising 200-day moving average line (denoted with a blue line). But in my opinion, a test and possible break of the 200-day line looks highly likely in the next few weeks.

After all, the daily On-Balance-Volume line (OBV) looks like it peaked in February with the stock's price and has been declining ever since. Remember, a declining OBV line happens when the volume of trading is heavier on days when a stock closes lower. A downtrending OBV line tells me that CFG sellers are more aggressive. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has also been crisscrossing the zero line and is now moving to a new "sell" signal.

In this weekly CFG bar chart, we can see that prices are above the rising 40-week moving average line -- but it looks like this line could be tested soon, too:

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The weekly OBV line is flat, and on this time frame appears to be more neutral. The weekly MACD oscillator is in a "take profits" configuration above the zero line, but it could move below the zero line in the weeks ahead.

The bottom line -- a close below $33 for Citizens Bank will put the bear in control -- and tells us that Quant Ratings' downgrade of the stock was timely. Conversely, it will take a couple of closes above $38 on increased volume to bring the bull back.

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