By Fred Fuld

Everyone, it seems, likes dividends. Jim Cramer says they're a "

secret weapon

" in saving for retirement. David Peltier, portfolio manager of the

Dividend Stock Advisor

, says investors should "

focus on companies that are raising their dividends


Stockpickr likes dividends, too, with hundreds of portfolios dedicated to dividend-paying stocks (to find them, just enter "dividend" in the

search box

). For example, there's the

High Beta Dividends

portfolio, the

Large Cap Gold Stocks with Dividends

portfolio and the

Microcaps with Dividends

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As Peltier advises, investors should be on the lookout for companies that increase their dividends. With that in mind, Stockpickr has reviewed the recent dividend declarations and compiled a portfolio of

dividend-increasers for the week


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