Walt Disney Co. (DIS) - Get Report is taking precautionary measures after visitors to its Disneyland park in Anaheim, California, came down with Legionnaires' disease.

The Orange County Health Care Agency told local media that about 12 cases of Legionnaires were discovered three weeks ago. All of the patients affected lived in or spent time in Anaheim and nine visited Disneyland in September.

Disneyland has closed two of its cooling towers in the park in order to properly disinfect them. The towers, which were found to have high levels of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires', will reopen when it can be confirmed that they aren't contaminated anymore.

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Legionnaires' is spread through mist from contaminated water. In this case, the contaminated water was used in the cooling towers. Legionnaires' can cause severe pneumonia, but it is not contagious from person-to-person.

One Anaheim patient has died as a result of the illness, but the patient had not visited Disneyland. There have been no new cases reported and Orange County said there's no longer any ongoing risk associated with the outbreak.

Disney stock dipped 0.27% to $104.50 in premarket trading Monday.

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