Disney+ to Unveil Docuseries About 'The Mandolarian' on May 4

Walt Disney on May 4 is releasing an eight-part docuseries about the making of its Disney+ show "The Mandalorian."
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Walt Disney Co.  said Wednesday that on May 4 it would release an eight-part docuseries about the making of its Disney+ channel "Star Wars" live-action show "The Mandalorian."

“Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian” will debut on May 4, known to fans of the popular media franchise as Star Wars Day. The date of the fan-generated holiday was reportedly chosen to play off the pun of the catchphrase "May the Force be with you" as "May the Fourth be with you." 

Each episode will explore a different facet of the show through interviews, never-before-seen footage, and round-table conversations hosted by Executive Producer Jon Favreau.

“`Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian' is an opportunity for fans of the show to take a look inside and get to see a different perspective, and perhaps a greater understanding, of how The Mandalorian came together and some of the incredibly talented contributors throughout Season One,” Favreau said in a statement. 

"The Mandalorian" has been Disney+'s most popular program. Disney said during a February earnings call that 65% of the viewers who watched “The Mandalorian” watched at least 10 other programs on the service and 50% of subscribers watched movies on the service.

Disney shares at last check were off 1.4% to $104.56 on a down day in the broad market.

Last week, Disney said its five-month-old streaming service had accumulated more than 50 million paid subscribers, apparently boosted by people forced to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

That pandemic has hit other Disney revenue streams hard, as movie-theater and theme-park closures have cut into revenue, while the suspension of baseball, basketball and other sports has cut into its ESPN programming. 

Disney appears on track to meet its longer-term subscriber target of between 60 million and 90 million paid Disney+ subscribers by 2024.  

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