Cramer Says Disney Shares Ready to Explode Out the Gates Once Coronavirus Passes

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There are three tiers of stocks in the current economic climate, according to Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust portfolio manager Jim Cramer.

Tier one is stocks of the companies that everyone knows are winners and are still winning in the current coronavirus-impacted economy. Tier two includes stocks that will be well-positioned for big gains once the economy normalizes. Finally, there are stocks that are just wrong right now and probably will be wrong for a while even when conditions improve.

The timing of the coronavirus outbreak was especially unfortunate for certain stocks, but Cramer says Disney  (DIS) - Get Report is one company that is going to win no matter what. 

In fact, Disney has an opportunity to quickly double once the market finds a bottom.

"I think throughout this whole time, Disney+ is going to remain strong. And although it's not a profitable business, it really does fit this stay-at-home theme. We're hearing movies are going to be released on their platform. So out of the theater onto Disney+, which I think is fantastic," AAP senior analyst Jeff Marks said. 

Cramer agreed with Marks, saying the coronavirus data indicate that Disney is a buy because the only way it isn't is if the social order breaks down. 

To see the full discussion, check out the video above. 

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