The frigid slopes in Davos, Switzerland, could heat up later this week after President Donald Trump touches down at the World Economic Forum on Thursday, Jan. 25.

The president is expected to take an overnight flight Wednesday night to the annual gathering of the world's economic leaders. 

The interaction between Trump, an avowed protectionist, and the rest of the contingent in Davos, which tend to be globalists, should be an interesting one. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the first of the U.S. delegation to arrive at the forum, already has said that Trump is "determined to deal" with unfair foreign competition. 

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denied the U.S. was being protectionist. "I don't think adhering to rules is protectionism," Ross said, according to BBC. "There's been a trade war in place for quite a while. The difference is, U.S. troops are now coming to the ramparts."

Trump, and the U.S. for that matter, isn't the most popular global figure at the moment, and the protests already have begun ahead of his arrival. 

When he does arrive, there's a good chance the North American Free Trade Agreement will be a topic of discussion.

In non-Trump news, JPMorgan JPM CEO Jamie Dimon doesn't seem to be pulling any punches. Appearing on CNBC's outdoor setwith no coat on, Dimon commented, again, on bitcoin.

Even though he looks comfortable, Davos may not be Dimon's type of scene.

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