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June 27, 2000


Market Data as of Close, 6/26/00:

o Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,537.34 up 132.59, 1.27%

o Nasdaq Composite Index: 3,888.23 up 42.89, 1.12%

o S&P 500: 1,452.98 up 11.50, 0.80%

o TSC Internet: 813.90 down 23.96, -2.86%

o Russell 2000: 511.97 up 1.56, 0.31%

o 30-Year Treasury: 103 23/32 up 25/32, yield 5.983%

Companies in Today's Bulletin:

Philip Morris (MO:NYSE)

Nabisco (NA:NYSE)

Amazon (AMZN:Nasdaq)

First Union (FTU:NYSE)

Pulse of the New Economy: Pulse: Traditional Net Plays Pounded, and So Is Inktomi


Bond Focus: Bonds Bounce as Traders Sense the Lows of a Trading Range

The 30-year bond's yield is back below 6%.To view the TSC Economic Databank, see: http://www.thestreet.com/markets/databank/973222.html


Banking: Has First Union Found Religion?

The bank has to convince investors that yet another restructuring plan will finally change it for the better.


Biotech/Pharmaceuticals: Human Genome: We Have the Map, So Where's the Treasure?

Investors need to realize the distance between knowing a gene and the ability to create a working drug.


Biotech/Pharmaceuticals: Celera Genomics Falls Despite Completion of Sequence

The announcement marks the end of a decade-long process.


Economic News: Sales of Existing Homes Rise an Unexpected 4.3%

The increase runs counter to recent arguments that the housing market is slowing.


Wrong! Rear Echelon Revelations: A Fool for Amazon

Defenses of the online retailer ring hollow in the trader's ears.


Stocks to Watch: Stocks to Watch Tuesday: Ariba, Qwest, Stratos Lightwave, Boeing


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