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'Zombie' RadioShack Reborn as Crypto Company

RadioShack wants to be 'the bridge between the CEO’s who lead the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies.'
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Reports of RadioShack's demise have been greatly exaggerated, as the former electronics retailer announced plans to become a DeFi platform.

The 100-year-old company, which filed for bankruptcy twice, said on its new website that "we will be the bridge between the CEO’s who lead the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies."

Retail Ecommerce Ventures, a holding company owned by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, acquired RadioShack last year.

The firm said on its website that "we strongly believe we can leverage ecommerce to turn iconic brands of the past into modern day juggernauts." The company also owns brands Pier 1, Dressbarn and Modell's.

RadioShack said it intends to be "the first protocol to pass over into mainstream usage in the history of DeFi."

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"RadioShack DeFi is focused on the early majority," the company said. "It will become the first to market with a 100-year-old brand name that’s recognized in virtually all 190+ countries in the world."

The new RadioShack acknowledged its old school retail roots in a nod to the 8,000 stores it shuttered in the U.S. alone.

"Despite the shut-down of the original brand as an electronics retailer, its recognition has hardly diminished and is still active in South America, the Middle East, and online globally as an e-commerce store," the company said.

The new company even harkened back to the glory days of its 2014 Super Bowl commercial titled "The '80s Called: They Want Their Store Back."

RadioShack said its objective is distribution and usage by "millions of individuals but possibly more important, by hundreds of blue-chip, large corporations as their gateway into becoming blockchain companies."