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Dave Mustaine's Band Megadeth Launches Crypto Coin

Rock band Megadeth's crypto coin is currently trading at 53 cents, according to Rally.

Heavy-metal rock band Megadeth, led by guitarist Dave Mustaine, has begun trading its cryptocurrency coin, called $MEGA.

The band, revered for albums like "Peace Sells…But Who's Buying?" and "Rust in Peace," posted the update on its website.

"$MEGA is the official cryptocurrency of Megadeth and our community," the Metallica rival wrote.

Mega coin is currently priced at 53 cents, according to Rally, a crypto website for creative communities.

"By buying, holding, and transacting with $MEGA, fans will gain access to exclusives and premium benefits. Cyber Army members that also hold $MEGA will unlock additional exclusives, access, and offers."

Megadeth's cyber army is a community where fans can connect with other fans, access exclusive content, tour pre-sales, contests, interact with band members, pick up  merchandize packs among other things.

"Premium and Digital Cyber Army members automatically get some free $MEGA," the band said.

The alt coin continues the band’s expansion into the blockchain. "Earlier this April, Megadeth sold their first nonfungible token, a digital art piece titled 'Vic Rattlehead: Genesis,' for 8.4 Eth, or about $18,000 at its time of purchase," reported.

According to Rally, Megadeth’s official coin was first released in September, almost breaking through the $1 mark later that month.

Megadeth will launch their latest studio album "The Sick, the Dying…And The Dead!" in 2022.

In January, the Oregon-based rock band Portugal. The Man launched a crypto coin, PTM, in partnership with fans and became the first rock band to launch its own social token, Rolling Stone reported.