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Cryptocurrency Channel and Investor Newsletter Launches on TheStreet

TheStreet will feature a dedicated channel for free daily cryptocurrency news coverage at along with a premium newsletter.

Today, finance media company TheStreet announced the launch of a new content vertical, covering the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The expansion will include Crypto Investor, a subscription newsletter for institutional and retail investors, chronicling Bitcoin adoption on Wall Street. The online destination and newsletter features partnerships with some of the leading voices and names in cryptocurrency and finance. Crypto Investor launches as a weekly newsletter subscription, retailing for $29.99 per month, or $299.99 annually and is positioned to be the preeminent guide and news source for the digital asset economy. A limited subscription offering of $199.99 annually is available now at

TheStreet’s digital experience will feature a dedicated section for free daily cryptocurrency news coverage at Additionally, TheStreet has positioned a select team of experts to lead on its cryptocurrency editorial strategy, tapping Michael Bodley, formerly with Hedge Fund Alert, as Crypto Investor’s Editor-in-Chief. Bodley is joined by four other senior team members:

  • Senior Reporter Stacy Elliott from the technology risk team at Goldman Sachs. Stacy previously held editorial positions at Fortune and The Star-Ledger, where she ran a data reporting team and covered business news 
  • Senior Reporter Stephen Stirling, an investigative data journalist featured in FiveThirtyEight, PBS Frontline, USA Today and more. Stirling is a recipient of the IRE medal, two ONA awards and a Scripps-Howard award 
  • Associate Editor Luke Conway, previous reporter on Trading and Investing at Investopedia 
  • Strategic Advisor Peter Rizzo, founding Editor-in-Chief at CoinDesk, Editor at Bitcoin Magazine and Editor-at-large at the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange

“We believe that our offerings will be the most dynamic in the industry and we are committed to expanding our coverage and partnerships with the most influential leaders in the space,” said Ross Levinsohn, CEO of Maven. Maven is the parent company of TheStreet and Sports Illustrated, Maven’s platform powers more than 150 online media brand destinations.

Crypto Investor is the first cryptocurrency newsletter created specifically for retail and institutional investors. Powered by TheStreet’s editorial team, along with the new dedicated analysts and experts, Crypto Investor is positioned to be the authoritative voice on cryptocurrency within the investor community. A snapshot of Crypto Investor content that subscribers can expect:

  • Exclusive news on deals and ventures between Wall Street and crypto
  • Exclusive Q&As with notable investment figures, both crypto and Wall Street
  • “Water Cooler chatter”: Anonymous quotes, major job changes and insider perspectives
  • Commentary and analysis on the week’s major crypto news stories
  • High-impact graphics and charts illustrating crypto trends and key data

Rob Barrett, Maven’s President of Media, adds, “TheStreet has launched several successful wealth-building investment and stock trading subscriptions; Crypto Investor reinforces TheStreet’s commitment to providing investors and TheStreet readers accredited expertise across the financial continuum.”

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