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Cryptocurrency in Focus: It's a 'Brave' New World for Binance, BAT

After Competing with Google's Chrome, Brave Browser Turns its Focus to Crypto

The maker of the privacy-focused web browser, Brave, is teaming up with crypto player Binance to let Brave browser users trade cryptocurrency assets through the blockchain service.

The deal with Binance will result in an in-browser crypto trading tool that will ultimately let users deposit, swap, purchase and trade crypto right from Brave Browser’s windows.

This should be a boost to both the browser and Binance, but it also should help move its earlier collaboration with TAP Network around Basic Attention Tokens.

Earlier in March, Brave announced a partnership with TAP Network to allow users to redeem Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for gift cards by hundreds of top national brands. The collaboration brings token utility redemption to Brave users, and connects brands with consumers while respecting their privacy.

The point of Brave is to look, feel, and act much like Chrome, the market-leading browser, while still aggressively protecting the security and privacy of the user’s personal data. Choosing to integrate a new trading tool with Binance, suggests Brave is now taking on more crypto-focused browsers as well, like Opera, which holds over 2% market share, according to statcounter. (Brave’s privacy functions make it difficult to measure its slice of the pie.)

At BAT...

BAT Developer Behavior has spiked in the past 20 days as the team works to integrate new features with key partners. Price has dropped 23.66% in the same timeframe.

FCAS is up 9-points (1.40%)

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User Activity is up 0-points

Developer Behavior is up 21-points (2.91%)

Market Maturity is up 10-points (1.26%)


The Flipside

Today, many tech companies are censoring certain content, banning users, and making hate speech policies. Brave, on the other hand, has made it clear that it will not block or censor any content. While users’ privacy is protected, the same privacy feature could lead to more hate speech gaining uncensored attention

Whether or not that is acceptable will likely remain up for debate.

While that debate works itself out, the Basic Attention Token still shows promise. It was developed by a team led by Brendan Eich, the founder of Javascript, Mozilla, and Firefox. The aim is to reward web users for their attention with BAT tokens and have advertisers pay to access this attention, while rewarding publishers for putting out good content. This is done through their own privacy focused browser, Brave, where rewards are distributed for simply surfing the web. The goal is to turn the current advertising-based incentive model of the web upside down and place control back in the hands of publishers and users.

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