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Cryptocurrency in Focus: Aragon Aims for 'Cosmos' to Expand DAO Offerings

Aragon builds software that allows for the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

The team behind the Aragon Network is building software that allows for the creation of "decentralized" organizations -- known if the industry as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations -- that can be used by anyone for financing purposes, voting on major decisions and more. 

DAOs, as they are often called, build trust by promising transparency, as well control by "shareholders" and not central governments. Their software is also open source. Aragon's model so far appears the best in the industry.

Currently, for Aragon-created DAO, the governance token is ANT on the Ethereum-based "smart contract platform" network.

But in October, Aragon announced plans to deploy a Proof-of-Stake "side chain" on Cosmos, called Aragon Chain, after it found risk for teams relying exclusively on Ethereum. The team will still maintain support for Aragon Network version one and Aragon Court on the Ethereum main net.

Court Is in Session

On Jan. 12, Aragon announced that users could trade one ANT for 100 ANJ, the native token for the Aragon Court system. Potential jurors would need to stake 10,000 ANJ to become a juror and earn fees in cryptocurrency DAI from dispute resolution. The full court system launches on Feb. 10, dubbed "Fight for Freedom Day." During the pre-launch window, Aragon saw a spike in FCAS driven by a rise in token transaction activity.

Other developments for the project include the release of the specification for "Aragon Chain" by ChainSafe on Jan. 18, and a deepening of its decentralized finance ties by providing liquidity on both Kyber Network and Uniswap.

Aragon Court Drives Spike in Use

As of Jan. 21:

ANT User Activity is up 36% over the last 2 weeks, driving FCAS up 72-points. Price is up 6.9% over the same time period.

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FCAS is up 70-points (10.75%)

Developer Behavior is down 4-points (-0.44%)

User Activity is up 143-points (36.11%)

Market Maturity is up 173-points (58.64%)


Our Hot Take

Decentralized organizations continue to grow in popularity as groups increasingly coordinate across multiple jurisdictions and seek to enforce a consistent set of rules for their operations. Aragon, with its modular platform, presents the first and best option currently in the industry.

Developers are able to roll their own features with the Agent module and can manage everything from code base credentials to finances to voting and governance. The upcoming Aragon Chain along with Aragon Court provide new methods to reward the community for participating in the network and will be a boost for an ecosystem that is already one of the most active on the Ethereum main net. 

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