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Go West: The Great Crypto Mining Migration Is Underway

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Massive changes in where and how cryptocurrencies are mined are underway. Prompted by the Chinese government banning crypto mining and the concerns about the energy efficiency of the process, major shifts in the crypto space is part of the rapidly evolving asset class.  

Miners have been forced to shut down their operations in China and move to other nations creating opportunities for North American miners and locations that host them.

At the same time, Ethereum has started implementing a change in protocol with the transition from 'proof-of-work' to 'proof-of-stake', addressing energy and network concerns. 

TheStreet Crypto Investor Senior Reporter Stacy Elliott breaks down the migration of crypto miners and the unfolding of Ethereum 2.0.

Watch the full webinar presented by VanEck to hear more insight about the evolution of blockchain and how the foundation of crypto is changing fintech.

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