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Chinese creditors have sued now-defaulted mega developer Evergrande Group for $13 billion in an attempt to receive money on late payments owed by the real estate company. 

The Financial Times reports that a Chinese court has approved 367 civil lawsuit cases that total 84 billion yuan or $13.2 billion, citing official records. 

The civil lawsuits were accepted by the Chinese court from late August through earlier in December.

In August, the People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said in a joint statement to Evergrande that the company should fix its debt issue.

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Evergrande is focusing on paying salaries to its migrant construction workers as well as some suppliers to avoid social issues, Bloomberg reports, citing sources close to the matter. 

The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on Feb. 1 and the company's migrant workers are expected to go travel home to spend the holiday with their families, Bloomberg reports. 

As of June 30 Evergrande had 163,119 employees on its payroll, plus numerous vendors.