Equities have surged since the November 2016 election, as investor optimism, strengthening economic data and corporate profits have continued. With the bull market having just passed eight years, experts think there's more room to run -- if investors know where to look.

Research firm Credit Suisse has put together a list of 140 "top ideas" covered by their analysts, using several parameters to weed out weaker companies and pick only the best ideas. Market caps, growth and valued companies, as well as a variety of different sectors were chosen.

As part of the investment process, each analyst ranked up to three stocks on a six and twelve month time horizon, only picking "high conviction ideas." Since not every analyst had three stocks that could make the list, they were allowed to pick fewer than three names.

TheStreet looked at the 140 names and broke it down even further, looking at ten of the best #1 picks from Credit Suisse's U.S. Focus List.