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Cramer's Take on Top-Searched Stocks

Apple is among the most-searched stocks on Here's what Cramer had to say about it recently.
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You can search and search and search for reasons why the market bounced yesterday. There were plenty of headlines, but it really all came down to oil again. Oil was down $3.

Meanwhile, in the housing market, the


20-city index dropped by 15.8% in May compared with a year ago. This drop is a record decline since its inception in 2000. Home values have fallen 18.4 % since the 20-city index's peak in July 2006.

In brokerage news,

Merrill Lynch


said on Monday it will sell a large portion of its asset-backed securities and issue new stock to raise $8.5 billion of new capital. In addition, Merrill's management plans to buy 750,000 shares.

In general, the financials were up huge on Tuesday, with

Merrill Lynch & Co.



Washington Mutual

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Bank of America

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Lehman Brothers




(WB) - Get Report

leading the way.

With this in mind, we thought we'd take a look at the most-searched stocks on

and find out what Jim Cramer's take is on them . Recently, he's been talking about

Time Warner



(POT) and



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