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Cramer's Take on Top-Searched Stocks

Bank of America is among the most-searched stocks on Here's what Cramer had to say about it recently.
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It was all oil for quite some time. But with oil dropping sharply over the last week, housing took center stage again yesterday and revealed steeper than expected decline in existing home sales. That certainly put the market on its heels.

Ford Motor

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reported an $8.67 billion loss in the second quarter. This loss is comprised of $8.03 billion in write-offs as a result of declining North American Assets and Ford Motor Credit Co.'s lease portfolio. Taking into account the write-downs, Ford lost $3.88/share. The company plans to re-work its existing plants to meet consumer demand for fuel efficient cars.


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reported much-better-than-expected second-quarter results and raised revenue guidance for the remainder of the year. But then right away,


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warned on its fourth-quarter's numbers and guidance.

So we had a little bit of everything which again had the market somewhat neutral until housing jumped in the picture. So where do we go now?With this in mind, we thought it made sense to take the Top Most Searched Stocks on from the prior trading day.

To find out, and to see which stocks Jim thinks will survive this market, and which will go under, please click here.

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