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Cramer's Take on Headline Stocks: June 10

Here's what Jim Cramer's had to say lately about stocks in the news, including BP, Apple and Goldman Sachs.

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) -- Regardless of why a stock is in the news, it never hurts to hear what a professional investor has to say about it. The key is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed investment decisions you can. As Jim Cramer (read an excerpt from his

new book here

) often reminds, investors must do their homework.

So what has Cramer had to say lately about today's headline-makers? At Stockpickr, we've combed through his recent


blog posts, "Mad Money" TV show recaps and "Stop Trading!" segments to find out

what he thinks about some of today's newsworthy stocks



(AAPL) - Get Report

: According to


, the Apple iPad suffered a

major security breach

, affecting more than 100,000 Apple iPad users, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

In a blog post yesterday,

Cramer wrote

that though he'd worried about them the day before, the CANDIES stocks were "rocking today." The CANDIES stocks, which Cramer called the "quintessential growth stocks," include


(CMG) - Get Report

, Apple,


(NFLX) - Get Report



(DECK) - Get Report


Intuitive Surgical

(ISRG) - Get Report


Express Scripts



(CRM) - Get Report


"The CANDIES are on track to take out their highs," Cramer continued. "They are best played with deep-in-the-money calls, which I advocate being bought right into every single weakness, as they are the trampoline stocks with the highest growth."

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

: The


is examining a

second collateralized debt obligation

by Goldman, which was not part of the April

civil fraud charges

against the firm.

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On June 3, Cramer wrote in his

RealMoney blog


"The SEC is busy trying to protect major and sophisticated financial institutions, such as the German bank that Goldman Sachs allegedly hurt, instead of trying to protect individuals from rapacious products like the Ultra ETFs. Think about it this way. We know that the Goldman product in dispute, which was meant to mimic the housing market, did exactly that. But the public believes that the Ultra products, particularly the short products, are meant to hedge or protect from down markets. All they really do is track volatility on a daily basis. They don't do what people believe they are designed to do. So we have this ridiculous situation where the SEC is protecting sophisticated investors from something that worked -- even though it went down -- and allowing mom-and-pop investors to be decimated by products that don't work the way that they believe they do."

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(CIEN) - Get Report

: Credit Suisse

cut its price target

for Ciena to $23 from $26, maintaining its outperform rating on the stock.

Yesterday, Cramer

wrote on his blog

: "It's about time that



rallied. It is pricing in the loss of almost all of its big contracts! Ciena shows you the sector is alive and well."


(BP) - Get Report

: Following BP's 14-year low on Wednesday on fears of bankruptcy,

the stock was spiking

in Thursday morning trading. Also up were stocks related to the

BP oil spill

, including


(APC) - Get Report

, owner a 25% stake in the leaking BP well, and


(RIG) - Get Report

, BP's Deepwater Horizion rig operator.

In a post to his


blog yesterday called "

Mesmerized by the Fall of BP

," Cramer wrote:

"You can't have one of the largest companies in the world disappear overnight and believe it won't affect other companies or the market's psyche. As Doug Kass said late tonight, this was BP's last hour, with ETF shenanigans thrown in. "At one point today, between $32 and $29, I remarked to a friend that I had never seen a stock unravel in front of my eyes like this one did, with huge value disappearing. Just amazing. Just disappearing. "It was frightening. "Also, it is clear that if you make the company's liability unlimited, it might never want to drill again. Who can risk this? Who can risk having a company taken away from its shareholders, as if it were expropriated even when you believe it deserves it? "Lots of people are debating right now whether any company in the Gulf of Mexico can finish a project, or even stay in the Gulf. They believe this is Three Mile Island for offshore drilling. My colleague Matt Horween reminds me that the risk-reward has now gotten astronomical for those who drill or already have wells in the Gulf. "Watching BP fall and watching Anadarko Petroleum collapse after actually being up at one point -- talk about misdirection -- was horrifying to everyone. It was like watching the collapse of every single nuclear-power utility in the 1980s in time-lapsed photography. "I know there had been many smart value buyers of BP all the way down. They came on TV. They talked their game. But in the end, they could own, well, nothing. Or what, maybe they make $5? BP is now, to quote the late Richard Nixon, a pitiful helpless giant. "And that has everyone and everything spooked. I ask you this: If you follow the market, were you able to take your eyes off BP? "I sure couldn't."

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(Editor's note: At the time of this publication, Cramer owned Apple and Goldman Sachs for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.)