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) -- Regardless of why a stock is in the news, it never hurts to hear what a professional investor has to say about it. The key is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed investment decisions you can. As Jim Cramer often reminds, investors must do their homework.

So what has Cramer had to say lately about today's headline-makers? At Stockpickr, we've combed through his recent


blog posts, "Mad Money" TV show recaps and "Stop Trading!" segments to find out

what he thinks about some of today's newsworthy stocks



(MCD) - Get Report

: McDonald's U.S.

sales fell 0.6%

in November, compared with a 2.5% increase in European sales.

In a

post to his RealMoney blog

on Dec. 3, Cramer wrote:"To me, given that there will be 24 days left to trade, you can pick up some real bargains if the employment numbers are weak, and I would return, on that weakness, to my four-legged stool, McDonald's,

Procter & Gamble

(PG) - Get Report





General Mills

(GIS) - Get Report

, which are all up collectively almost double the


since I introduced them on the second-to-last trading day of October."


(BA) - Get Report



( UAUA) will order

25 new planes from Boeing

and 25 from

TST Recommends


, including Boeing's Dreamliner 787.

In a Dec. 7

blog post

, Cramer wrote that there were a couple of new "positive cross-currents" pushing the market higher. One was Goldman Sachs' health care upgrade, and the other was "the upcoming Dreamliner launch - yes, Virginia, there is a pulse at Boeing."

On his

"Stop Trading!"

segment, Cramer said the retail investor was returning to the market, and he offered


(MRK) - Get Report

and Boeing as evidence. Both stocks were "flying," he said, in spite of "so much negative news" over the previous few days. Cramer said he was "very pro-Boeing" and said that with its dividend, "you get paid to wait."


(S): Pali

downgraded Sprint

to neutral from buy on subscriber losses and a failure to boost EBITDA.


"Mad Money"

last night, Cramer identified a bluu market in telco. He even said viewers might consider Spring at a speculative addition to a portfolio. He said Sprint,





(VZ) - Get Report



(T) - Get Report



(WIN) - Get Report

worried him a lot less than they did a few months ago.

For more of what Cramer's had to say lately about stocks in the news, check out the

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(Editor's note: At the time of publication, Cramer owned Procter & Gamble for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.)

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