NEW YORK (TheStreet) --  Jim Cramer began answering viewers' Twitter questions Monday by fielding one on Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) - Get Report. In his view, it's clear that Chinese consumers are hurting, so for people looking to invest in Alibaba now, the way to do it is by buying Yahoo! (YHOO) .  "I've always been saying the whole way that you should own Yahoo! as a play on Alibaba, because the stub of Yahoo! is worth a lot more than it is trading," Cramer said.

Another Twitter follower is worried that Netflix (NFLX) - Get Reporthas peaked. Cramer's response: "If you're ever scared of owning a stock, I am going to tell you to sell some." He says the reason he suggests this is because of "suitability," explaining, "The day Netflix will be down will be the day that you sell it" and that's an outcome he's prefer investors avoid. That questioner also wondered if he should switch from Netflix to Apple (AAPL) - Get Report. Cramer reiterated his position that "Apple is an own, not trade," but said that he doesn't expect Apple is going to "roar" anytime soon, because it is too heavily exposed to its cell phone business. Despite this, he still believes Apple "is a great thing to own." He added that if Apple shares drop down below the technical breakdowns at $118 to $119, that's when he would "really start pounding the table."

Switching gears, Cramer answered questions on energy. Specifically, he discussed Linn Energy (LINE) , advising investors, "just don't own it" explaining that it's one of many energy companies that are over-leveraged.

When asked about shipping companies, in light of the way the Baltic Index keeps soaring, Cramer said that he likes Athens-based Diana Shipping because they have bulk, but suggests investors consider Nordic American Tanker (NAT) - Get Report. Cramer prefers Nordic American because "they finally bought some ships and didn't issue equity," and because Nordic American is "dividend safe." However he says the key thing to know is that "as oil continues to go down, it is being hoarded on ships by hedge funds that think it's going to be OK."

On being asked about data analytics companies, Cramer said that although Tableau Software (DATA) - Get Report "did not blow the numbers away," he thinks it is a good company, he thinks Qlik Technologies (QLIK) "had a fantastic quarter," and that "Salesforce (CRM) - Get Report is a terrific buy."