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The Conference Board on Tuesday indicated that consumer confidence fell in June to its lowest point in 16 years. Inflation continued to decrease confidence and pushed expectations for the future to a record low.

The inflation expectations gauge matched the record-high 7.7% it hit in May, which will keep

Federal Reserve

policymakers concerned over price growth as they meet to decide rates on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Increasing energy prices show few signs of halting, leading investors to speculate that more expensive energy will prevent the economy from growing while aggravating inflation at the same time.

With regard to specific stocks, grocery chain


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said its fiscal first-quarter profit rose 15% thanks to gasoline and food sales offered at a discount. Meanwhile,


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shares fell 4.6% on Tuesday to their lowest point since late 2003, the morning after the world's largest package-delivery company cut its second-quarter profit outlook citing high fuel costs and a weak U.S. economy.

With this in mind, we thought it made sense to take the Top Most Searched Stocks on


from the prior trading day and find out what

Jim Cramer's take is on them

. These stocks could be in the news for a number of reasons. Some require immediate attention while others may not.

But it never hurts to hear what Cramer (or any of the other professional investors on the site) has to say about them. The key is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed investment decisions you can.



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JPMorgan Chase

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being big movers Friday, we'll kick it off today with




In the recent post below, Cramer tries to figure out what is going on with the recent move in Motorola:

"Is someone having a margin call? That's what I keep thinking as I watch the sickening slide in Motorola's (MOT) stock. How can Motorola go down so much? This is a company with a lot of money and some businesses that are doing excellently. It has great existing contracts with telcos. But someone sells it and sells it hard every day. It almost feels that Carl Icahn has a margin call, post- Yahoo! (YHOO) , or he has to sell Motorola to fund Yahoo!, and that doesn't seem right. Otherwise, how can we explain the endless selling? Sure, as Piper said yesterday, they are losing share in America, but does anyone think this company is going away? Does anyone think this company is some sort of regional bank with its destiny completely out of its hands, that reliance on housing coming back will determine its viability? This is only a $16 billion company now with sales that are almost twice that? At some price this one is going to get a takeover bid. It has fundamental worth. To sell it down here makes no sense at all if you ask me. But then again, I thought at $8 or $9 there was worth. I just don't believe this company is going away. It is entirely possible that what might be going on here is the desire to show that you own none of the worst cell-phone handset maker. It may also be a sign that the value people are at last running out of money. But it has a feel of Sprint (S) - Get Report here, arriving at some level that, at last, might be as low as it might be able to go without the chatter that someone else wants to bring out the value."

For the rest of Cramer's take on yesterday's Top most searched stocks, including

Southwestern Energy

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